Oye! It’s Pi-Day!

  Almost everybody on this planet would know and highly appreciate the significance of 14th Feb, i.e. Valentines Day. But there are still few of the smart ones and bookworms who know the significance of day that is exactly a month later, i.e. 14th March, Its called the Pi-Day. For all those who are wondering what the fish is Pi-Day, here is a very simple explanation.

Pi is a freaking mathematical constant which has been worst nightmare to maximum students. Its value is approximately 3.14 which gives the name to this day as Pi-Day. This Pi was given birth in 3rd century BC by a Greek Mathematician, Archimedes and since then it is bothering many innocent lives which otherwise could have enjoyed their childhood smoothly and joyfully. To add some fun to this traumatic ‘Pi’, Pi-Day was created in 1988 in San Francisco, which is celebrated gorging on some delicious Fruit Pies. Though in India, this Pi-Day is highly neglected. Here students just treat ‘Pi’ as a mathematical havoc associating it with value of 3.14 and keep on humming:

Piiiiiii re Piiiiiiii…
Tu samajh na Aiiii…..
Kyu mujhe sataye….
Mensuration mein tu samaaye….
Jaa re Jaaaaaa…. Jaa re Jaaaaaa….
Piiiiiii re Piiiiiiii…
Raaton mein tu aaye…
Neend udi jaaye…
Har exam mein tu aaye…
Jaa re Jaaaaa…. Jaa re Jaaaaa….

Facebook Down! #FacePalm [UPDATED]

Facebook Down!

It appears that our very own biggest social network Facebook in experiencing a serious downtime atleast in India (IST 10:00 AM). We have been trying to figure out the reason. On the other hand, it is working fine on Mobile devices.

UPDATE: It went live around (IST 11:50 AM).


While on Twitter people have already started a big discussion, and its trending. It appears as it is some DNS error. #Facebook #DNS. It appears to be a DNS shift which is causing the problems for Indian ISP’s. People on Twitter are recommending to switching to OpenDNS. (???)

All the Facebook plugins on website ain’t working either.

Somebody Tweeted with a possible solution by using Google’s Public DNS, Problems solved. Atleast for the time being. Something similar happened 5 days ago in Europe. Read here
A cool website to check out where was Facebook Down. www.facebookdown.com

So its Fail Whale for Facebook now. Are you also facing this issue? Tell us in the comments section.

Facebook Mobile new 1-Click "Like" bar

Did you notice?

Facebook recently has been really active while rolling out updates to improve their UX. Recently they have rolled out an update for Facebook Mobile users with One-click Like & Comment bar for posts.

New Like bar
Comments Section

Most of the people using Facebook App / Facebook Mobile site would not notice this minor change. But it has actually made it easier and hassle-free reducing few steps to navigate and “Like” the content. Earlier, user had to tap a “+” button to access the like and comments buttons. Which would them redirect them to take another step to comment on the post.

Old ‘+’ styled bar

This pretty simple interface will only enable more Likes to the posts , thus increasing the user engagement.

Techcrunch quoted:

By making it quicker to Like, Facebook will be able to gather more data to refine its feed sorting algorithm while making content consumption faster and arguably more enjoyable.

How many of you use Facebook on mobile, did you observe this change, did it make your Liking a post easier? Share with us your views.

[ty TechCrunch]

Paan Singh Tomar [Review – 3/5]

PST Cover Art

We have seen many movies in the recent past, based on either some sports of life of a sportsperson. So far, ‘Chak De’ has been the only movie which got success both comercially and critically.

Now, we have ‘Paan Singh Tomar’, based on a sportsperson-turned-dacoit (oops, ‘baaghi’, as he keeps on saying in the movie), who was seven times national champion in steeplechase event.

Directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia (who assisted Shekhar Kapoor during ‘Bandit Queen’ and also made movies like ‘Haasil’, ‘Charas’ and very recent ‘Saheb Biwi aur Gansgter’), PST tells us a story which makes us believe that no sport can be bigger than cricket in our country. Director Tigmanshu has been able to pay tribute to one such unsung hero with the help of this movie which he planned during ‘Bandit Queen’ days.

Paan Singh Tomar was a village lad who joined army just after India got independence. He decided to get into sports after being denied proper diet in general cadre, and gets on to become the national champion in one of the toughest sport – Steeplechase.

Paan Singh doesn’t get to go to warfront and decides to cover that up on the race track and brings glory to India. One of his cousins plays dirty with him and even beats up his son. The police officer refuses to lodge a complaint against the cousin and instead insults Paan Singh who shows him the medals he has won. The family fight gets even worse when Paan’s cousin kills his mother. Paan then decides to take revenge and forms a gang. Whole second half is based on how he takes his revenge and kidnaps people to make up for his livelihood.

PST has been low profile throughout its pre production and production period. Its release even got late due to certain reasons. But the movie has the masala and that’s what makes PST talk of the town at present and for that, credit goes to a tight script, stellar performances ( specially Irrfan) and exquisite direction.

Shot actually in Chambal valley and Meerut cantonment, PST never looks like a movie, thanks to the director. Bundelkhandi dialect has been extensively used by the characters which makes them look even more real on-screen. Just hope that it doesn’t becomes bouncer for some of the audiences. There is very less scope of music in the movie, but the background score fits well.

Now, coming to the most important thing – Acting. Irrfan looks terrific on screen as the lead. He plays the character with great ease. Be it an armymen, athlete or a dacoit, Irrfan plays them with thorough perfection.  The innocence and wit which he shows makes people sympathize with him (so what if he is a dacoit). Supporting actors also add to the value ofß the film, be it Paan’s coach, his wife (played by Mahie Gill), his cousin or his gang-members.

In all, PST is a must watch with some good acting and direction. Watch out for some great one-liners by the ‘Subedar’ Paan Singh Tomar.

Ratings: 3/5

Interest Lists by Facebook, get a feel of Twitter lists

Interest Lists, Click on More

After a WOW! update for Pages, Facebook yesterday launched another cool update of its profiles, called “INTERESTS”. This is like creating a news-feed filtered as per your favorite topic viz. Social Media, Sports, TROLL, etc. (Something similar to Twitter lists). You can subscribe to Pages, People and Friends in any list.

The Interest Lists would appear on the left navigation menu of your Facebook profile. 
Once you click on the “Create a List” button, it will ask you to choose your interest points from pages, subscriptions or friends. You just need to pick out of them. 
Selecting your pages or people
Next, you name your list; choose the privacy settings for it, and you are Done. You now get a news-feed from your favorite topic filtered for your convenience. The best part, you can share this list with your friends or even public.
Setting the privacy
Sharing with friends
Now that’s one cool way to read your stuff, now you won’t actually need your Google Reader. 🙂
Share with us, will you use this feature of Facebook?

It isn’t sh*t!

darling this is it, this is it
why u think my love is not a hit
i know my song suck little bit
but my feelings in it isn’t shit
i know your dreams are big
but love has nothing to do with this
you know where to find me
just don’t give up on me like this
like this i know you cried
pain i know you hide
fears with whom you fight
i remember when you hold me tight
and i will be there you know
don’t care if it flame, rain or snow 🙂

This festival, ‘tweet-a-beer’ to your friend

Wanna make this festive season even more joyous for your friends?
Twitter brings a new app which enables you to send a beer to your friends, by just sending a Twitter message.
The ‘Tweet-A-Beer’ application links users’ Twitter and PayPal accounts letting them send $5 beer money to a friend along with a message, a meeting place and a jukebox request.
Once the money gets submitted a notifying tweet is sent with all the details. The beer offer can be rejected by refunding the $5 or by simply ignoring the tweet.
Users can send as many beers as they like, but ‘Tweet-A-Beer’ supports responsible drinking and the transaction enables you to send only one beer can be sent at a time. “Users can use the amount for whatever,” the website added. But we still have to wait for this one as the application is only available in the US at this stage.

Australia beat Lanka = India plays CB series final

Now that Australia need 239 runs to beat Sri Lanka in the last league match of the CB ODI Tri-Series, every Indian cricket fan would be hoping for the Aussie to win today.

Reason behind this is that Australia need to win this one to ‘allow’ India to play in the finals.
Earlier, the ‘Men in Blue’ had announced earlier that they have put practice on hold till their fate is decided.
Indian skipper MS Dhoni had said after Kohli drove India to a astounding 321-run chase against Sri Lanka that with their hopes of advancing to the finals of the ODI tri-series hanging on the result of Australia-Sri Lanka match, they would take some time off.
“We are going on a couple of days of shopping, and some practice at the same time. It’s not in our hands now,” he said. Star of the match, Virat Kohli also said that for the first time this season, Team India will be cheering for Australia. On other hand, Sri Lanka are on top of their game and even a tie can see them through to the finals and India packing their bags.
Sri Lanka captain yesterday made a strong comment when asked about their chances to make it to the finals. “Going in to the last game it’s in our control, what we need to do. It’s a good position for us to be, rather than depending on someone else to do some favours for us,” said Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardena about chances.

Senseless Love

Lying on the bed, hands folded on pillow,
All the dreams and goals are, for now table below.

Eyes are dizzy, mind is lazy,
I can’t be decisive, it makes me crazy.

Lying on the floor, empty bottles in row,
All the luxuries but the life is low.

Quarter piece of pizza and memories of your senseless giggle,
I’ll swallow them all, if you just push the trigger.

Lying on the table, bundle of virgin books,
How will i get them all in my mind, i am so much occupied by your crooks.

Fly away with those smokes, get out of my mind,
You were the ash of my life, i was the one blind.

Lying on my face, you know its not you,
Forget you, forgive you, sorry i am not in those few.

Moneyball [A Review]

Money Ball Poster
Moneyball, a movie that featured Brad pitt, one would always love to see Brad in the shoes of Achilles and in the shoes of a person who spends seven years in Tibet…. but in this movie it was a completely different ballgame, Brad pitt portrayed the role of Billy Beane, baseball player turned general manager of “Oakland Athletics”. The movie is a true story based and Brad, scintillated in the movie throughout, it is a treat watching him as a shrewd general manager of a underdog baseball team.
The movie is about how a failed baseball player, with the help of of a Yale geek who don’t know the alphabets of baseball, but master of economics turn the game with their excellent judgmental skills and shrewd trade techniques. In the movie Brad says that he “hates losing more than he loves winning”
The movie revolves around Billie Bean, his genius Yale economics friends and his struggle to assemble a perfectly imperfect team with a very limited budget constraint, with his limited resources he tries to bring the best out of his players, he pulls out a miraculous 20 winning match streak with his team and he is hell bent to end the season with a win with championship, which he continues to try.
The movie leaves the audience spell bound by the protagonist’s iron will not to lose as a general manager, as a dad and as a person. The movie shows the struggle he fights, the hard decisions he takes and how he stands by them. The movie will give you a run for your money. Worth watch stuff if you want to take a fresh breathe away from routine stale movies.
[IMDB Rating 7.7/10]
Watch the trailer